DeLorme inReach Explorer Satellite Communicator

$ 379.95

Keep In Touch and Navigate Globally
The inReach Explorer adds to the DeLorme family of two way satellite communicators a robust unit with basic track-plotter, way-point, route and track capabilities. Enjoy having the benefit of two way communication anywhere on the globe with the added benefit of knowing your track and being able to navigate back to specific way-points.

Experience the new generation of 2 way satellite communication with the Delorme inReach Explorer. The first thing you’ll notice is a color display with a virtual keyboard which lets you send and receive text messages, and also emails without the need for an additional companion device. This easy to use communicator with GPS is water and dust-proof, as well as impact resistant making it durable enough for outdoor use.

Share Your Position

This stand alone device has 2 way tracking so you can broadcast way-points in real-time, even share valuable information like a breadcrumb trail so family and friends via Delorme’s internet based Map Share page! Information such as speed, elevation, heading and location are reported when tracking way-points. 2 way text/email messaging lets one send and receive up to 160 character free form texts to and from other inReach users, and includes cell phones or emails. Incoming messages are displayed on the screen of the inReach Explorer. All messages sent have delivery confirmation ensure that information was delivered.

Safety Features

Automatic GPS tracking can be a lifesaver in emergency situations; your location will be sent to an emergency response center telling them in detail your SOS situation while keeping you in touch for status updates. And, as if that were not enough- a remotely initiated ping and track feature lets friends and family locate a user’s location any time. All of your contacts will know your whereabouts when you send a message. The inReach Explorer comes equipped with an internal rechargeable lithium battery saving you from having to keep spare batteries weighing you down.. With the built in social media function makes connecting via Facebook, Twitter easier than ever, so have the confidence to stay safe and keep loved ones informed at the same time.

***Service Subscription required***

There are Month to Month Freedom Plans and Annual Contract plans(discounted rates for contract) available. Plans start at $11.95 per month. There is a one-time activation charge.
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*No discounts of any kind are available for this item.

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