Nalgene 6 Piece Travel kit

$ 14.39 $ 17.99

  • 3 Square HDPE leak-proof, color coded, BPA free 68 mL (2.29oz) Bottles Made in USA.
  • 1 Round HDPE leak-proof, BPA free 70 mL (2.36oz) Bottle  Made in USA.
  • 1 Q-Tiptm vial.  We're not sure what this vial was for originally but it holds Q-Tips perfectly.  It's a friction fit top so it is not leak-proof.  BPA Free.  Made in USA. 
  • 1 Straight Side Jar, 30 mL (1 oz) This container is not leak-proof by Nalgene standards.  This is a perfect jar for any pills that you may want to bring along.  We use ours for thicker liquids like gels or shaving lotion.  Made in Mexico
  • Bag with leak resistant zipper Made in China

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